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Feet Slave – Naughty Paris

There is an extraordinary feet slave update for you, just the way you wanted to see today. I know you are super horny and needy, but you have to be a little bit patient, to see what surprises do we have in this extraordinary foot fetish update. At first, this sexy chick will invite her new friend to come by at her place, have some fun together. And because he was so attracted to her, he came right away, thinking that maybe there is a chance for them to have some fun together, but a different kind of fun, a more naughty kind. She was making a tea in the kitchen and he was looking at her, how gorgeous she is. She jumped on the kitchen counter, letting him admire her long legs and of course her feet.

He was very attracted to her feet since they first met, it’s like he knew that there will be something else than that, since the first time. Cause that’s the main reason he is dating a babe, if she has great feet, specially with the toes colored in red, if possible. He was truly happy that she liked the same things, cause the minute she jumped on that kitchen counter, he started to kiss her right away, taking her nice feet in his hands and touching all the toes, taking care of every single on of them. You will pretty much adore the way they will have fun in all the house! paris-getting-her-feet-worship


See this slave kissing and massaging those sexy feet!

Miki The Asian Hottie

This gorgeous Asian babe loves everything related to the feet and all around that concerns this part of the body. If you are here for another feet slave update, than I should recommend you to have a seat and relax cause there will be some scenes that you will pretty much fire you up and blow your mind. For tonight, cause she has nothing else to do, she asked a guy that she was crazy about her to come over and have some naughty fun together. At first, she put him on the ground, cause they needed to have a more interesting kind of fun, they had to had sex, not to make love. And because she has a feet fetish, she put him smell her feet and play with her toes, suck them and lick them. He also loves to kiss the feet of a babe, specially if this babe is hot just like this gorgeous Asian. feet-slave-mikiHe put his face into her feet, pulling some air and sniffing those gorgeous legs. He loves to take every single toe of hers into his mouth and suck it, lick it and mess around with it, even munch it but slowly. This sexy babe really get fired up when a guy is sucking her toes like this, she really gets wet down there, only when she feels his warm breath on her feet, she gets goose bumps instantly. You will adore the way she will get feet fucked, trust me! Don’t forget that you can find similar galleries on feetjeans page at porninsights, so check it out and have fun!

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Relaxing Sunday

Check this out! Do you think there is some other better way to relax on a Sunday, than the feet slave way? Just have a look at this impressive update and you will see how this babe will get to relax her entire body and her mind as well, and in fact that is not all of it. She is even going to end up having an orgasm, trust me, only because this guy will mess around with her feet. She loves when somebody is playing with her feet and her toes but she didn’t had a clue about the fact that she could cum right away, just like that.

She heard about this place, where men please whatever desire you have, so she decided to go there this Sunday and relax, for good. After she ordered something, she was approached by a good looking guy that bent on his knees and he took out her shoes and he started to rub her feet, smell her feet and also to lick and suck every single toe and fingernails making her a great deal of pleasure, having one of the most impressive orgasms ever, and that happened without having sex! If you liked this scene visit http://jbvideo.net/ website for other great foot fetish videos and picture galleries.relaxation-feet-worship

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Mistress Feet Slave – Ebony Worshiping

This gorgeous babe is in fact a mistress feet slave! She loves to get guys do whatever she wants too, but don’t worry, the only thing she likes to do with them is make them get down on their knees and make love to her feet, just like in this great feet femdom scene. The first thing she wanted to do with this new guy was to undress him, get him down on his knees and make them please her like no one did before. She wanted to have her feet fucked, so she made him kiss her legs, inch by inch. The guy started to kiss that ebony skin of hers until he got to the feet.

He started to kiss every part of them, taking care of the toes, too, pulling them gently and sucking them, making her moan of so much pleasure. She loves when she is taken care of, like that, and when some guy is making love with her feet just like that. It makes her so horny and needy that she could do anything! You will love this ebony slut and her partner, trust me and you will love how they will end up! That’s what I call an interesting video! Enjoy!mistress-feet-slave

Watch here this hot ebony babe getting her feet kissed!

Master Feet Slave – Harper

One of Harper’s favorite things ever is to find a master feet slave, so every time she goes somewhere and she meets new guys, the first time she likes to do with them is to find out if they can please her. And to please her means to stuff her toes and feet into the mouth, to lick them and to kiss them. This guy, her most recent conquest happened to be a guy that loves the legs, the feet and the toes, so he will definitely manage to please this babe just the way she wants it! She put him down, on his knees and she gave him her feet, to have fun with them.

She loves the way he kisses every single inch of her feet, she simply adores how he pulls and sucks her toes, she is just so horny right now that she could let him do anything with her. And he will, but first, he would like to show her that he can manage to take her there, to have the most unbelievable orgasm ever, and that will happen before he will fuck her, so just check out how amazing will be this scene, how erotic and how firing it will be. Trust me, you will get naughty in just a blink of an eye cause both Harper and this guy will get to do a lot of nasty things. Can’t wait for you to see all these nasty things! Have a great time!master-feet-slave-harper

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Feet Slave – Juliet

Juliet likes to be a slave but she also likes to have a feet slave, as well. Every time she wants to get naughty and to make out with her girlfriend, she starts with her feet, cause it turns her on very quick. She doesn’t need other things to do, as long as her babe is taking care of her just the way she wants too, and by that I mean that she is taking care of her lovely feet. She adores having her babe down on her knees, if possible to be bare skinned, cause she adores to see her amazing body and her firm tits, but most of all, she adores when she goes with her toes on her gf tits and she plays whit those erect nipples.

This naughty video will certainly make you horny as hell cause only by watching how gorgeous these two sluts are, you won’t need anything else, but the fact that they are going to play like that with their feet, it will drive you nuts, trust me. Two sizzling hot brunettes sucking each other’s feat and toes, OMG, that’s so hot! You will love them both and you will also love their unique play! For similar footjob scenes, you can enter the hand domination blog! Enjoy!juliet-bare-foot

Watch these babes licking and kissing each others feet!

Mischa White Worshiped

Mischa is the kind of babe that likes to try all the new stuff, concerning the fucking. But there is thing that she likes and she always liked and that is to have her own feet slave, so every single time she is looking to go out with somebody, this hot model tries to find out if he is the kind of guy that likes to do this kind of things. It’s her favorite thing ever, that always turns her on and gets her in the mood, so she doesn’t even think about going out with somebody who doesn’t like the feet. For example, now she is going out with a new guy and they didn’t had the chance to fuck yet, but for tonight she is planning to do some things, of course that if he will pass this kind of test!

She will invite the guy to come over at her place, to have some private time alone cause they were going out for almost a week and nothing happened yet, and she was dying to find out if he loves her feet or not. As soon as the guy arrived at her place, they started to make out right there, on the couch. He was down on his knees, with her feet in his lap, touching them like they were very fragile or something. He loves the way is Mischa getting more and more horny when he pulls her fingernails and when he sucks her toes, so he will do a lot more!feet-slave-mischa-white


Watch here Mischa getting her feet kissed and massaged!

Feet Slave – Emily

Let’s have a look at these two gorgeous sluts and find out who is actually the feet slave? In fact, they both are, cause both babes like to do nasty things, especially with her toes and their superb feet. Both of them are really attracted to each other for quite some time, so when the red invited the other one at her place, they both knew that this night is going to be really really long. In this great femdom POV scene you will see how both of them started to make out, without even talking about their strange fetish, the feet one. But in fact, all the things lead to that so they were super thrilled to find out that both of them liked the same kind of stuff, to mouth fuck their feet.

They got so damn horny after this sensational session that you will get horny right away, after you will get to watch these two horny sluts. They will shove their toes into their mouths, going with their tongue all over that fingernails, licking them like they are licking some lollipops! This is a super erotic video update so have a great time watching it, from the beginning till the end! Enjoy!feet-slave-emily-bench

Check out this slave worshiping her mistress’ feet!

Emily Getting Her Feet Worshiped

Oh, just look at this naughty sluts, how they are indeed feet slave! They simply adore to suck and munch their feet, it makes them really really wet! It’s probably one of the most naughty things ever in this world, for both of them, to be sucked or to suck each other’s tiny fingernails or to lick that feet, from the heel, to the toes, like in dawnsplace videos. They don’t even need something else, like other toys or different sex gadgets, as long as they have each other to enjoy this naughty habits of theirs. For them, the most impressive orgasm is when they have their toes mouth fucked, than their pussies.

Yes, that’s right and you will see it for yourself from this impressive update, trust me! There is no other naughty thing that is driving their minds more than this sexy custom of theirs. Every time they wanna have fun they get to this kind of stuff, cause it’s always the perfect way to get to the orgasm, so why trying other things when you know exactly what you want? Have a great time with this amazing update, guys and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more adventures! Enjoy!feet-slave-emily

Watch this hot babe getting her feet kissed and massaged!

Feet Slave – Crystal

There is no other most amazing thing than to see somebody at your feet! You will see the following feet slave video update and you will agree with my statement. This sexy blonde loves to be treated with a lot of respect, just like she is a diva. In fact, she adores to be taken care of and to be the one who is being treated. For example, today after she came home from work she wanted for her girlfriend to offer her all the support, attention and to please her just the way she likes it most of everything. So the other babe, the gorgeous redhead removed her clothes right away, cause she knew that her girlfriend loves her smoking hot body and she bent down on her knees. She loves to be down there, to touch her babe’s feet, take care and kiss them softly. feet-slave-crystalShe loves the way those feet feel under her lips, she simply enjoys licking those tiny fingernails and to smell that feet. On the other hand, the blonde finds these things the most naughty in the whole world, she just gets wet instantly when someone is shoving her toes into her mouth. She adores having her feet kissed and licked, it makes her horny right away, so that’s the easies method for her to be in the mood for something more, every single time. Watch these two gorgeous babes to see what else happened between them! Also you can visit http://mistressrhiannon.org/ website and watch some similar galleries. Enjoy!

See this hot slave kissing and licking her mistress’ feet!

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