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Feet Slave – Naughty Paris

There is an extraordinary feet slave update for you, just the way you wanted to see today. I know you are super horny and needy, but you have to be a little bit patient, to see what surprises do we have in this extraordinary foot fetish update. At first, this sexy chick will invite her new friend to come by at her place, have some fun together. And because he was so attracted to her, he came right away, thinking that maybe there is a chance for them to have some fun together, but a different kind of fun, a more naughty kind. She was making a tea in the kitchen and he was looking at her, how gorgeous she is. She jumped on the kitchen counter, letting him admire her long legs and of course her feet.

He was very attracted to her feet since they first met, it’s like he knew that there will be something else than that, since the first time. Cause that’s the main reason he is dating a babe, if she has great feet, specially with the toes colored in red, if possible. He was truly happy that she liked the same things, cause the minute she jumped on that kitchen counter, he started to kiss her right away, taking her nice feet in his hands and touching all the toes, taking care of every single on of them. You will pretty much adore the way they will have fun in all the house! paris-getting-her-feet-worship


See this slave kissing and massaging those sexy feet!