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Mischa White Worshiped

Mischa is the kind of babe that likes to try all the new stuff, concerning the fucking. But there is thing that she likes and she always liked and that is to have her own feet slave, so every single time she is looking to go out with somebody, this hot model tries to find out if he is the kind of guy that likes to do this kind of things. It’s her favorite thing ever, that always turns her on and gets her in the mood, so she doesn’t even think about going out with somebody who doesn’t like the feet. For example, now she is going out with a new guy and they didn’t had the chance to fuck yet, but for tonight she is planning to do some things, of course that if he will pass this kind of test!

She will invite the guy to come over at her place, to have some private time alone cause they were going out for almost a week and nothing happened yet, and she was dying to find out if he loves her feet or not. As soon as the guy arrived at her place, they started to make out right there, on the couch. He was down on his knees, with her feet in his lap, touching them like they were very fragile or something. He loves the way is Mischa getting more and more horny when he pulls her fingernails and when he sucks her toes, so he will do a lot more!feet-slave-mischa-white


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