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Miki The Asian Hottie

This gorgeous Asian babe loves everything related to the feet and all around that concerns this part of the body. If you are here for another feet slave update, than I should recommend you to have a seat and relax cause there will be some scenes that you will pretty much fire you up and blow your mind. For tonight, cause she has nothing else to do, she asked a guy that she was crazy about her to come over and have some naughty fun together. At first, she put him on the ground, cause they needed to have a more interesting kind of fun, they had to had sex, not to make love. And because she has a feet fetish, she put him smell her feet and play with her toes, suck them and lick them. He also loves to kiss the feet of a babe, specially if this babe is hot just like this gorgeous Asian. feet-slave-mikiHe put his face into her feet, pulling some air and sniffing those gorgeous meanbitches legs. He loves to take every single toe of hers into his mouth and suck it, lick it and mess around with it, even munch it but slowly. This sexy babe really get fired up when a guy is sucking her toes like this, she really gets wet down there, only when she feels his warm breath on her feet, she gets goose bumps instantly. You will adore the way she will get feet fucked, trust me! Don’t forget that you can find similar galleries on feetjeans page at porninsights, so check it out and have fun!

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